how to find alexa ranking

Alexa Rank is a metric of judging a website?s popularity relative to other websites in the cyberspace. It is a feature offered as part of Alexa?s web traffic analysis services, a tool famous for the popularity of this Amazon Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company. Alexa?s Rank was particularly popular in the early 2010 where it was widely regarded as an important estimate of the competitiveness of a website and its relative standing on the internet. Although there are other much sought-after tools available today which help owners understand their website?s performance, Alexa Rank is still considered a helpful tool in the cyber world.

Alexa Rank takes into account the traffic generated on a certain website over the last three months along with the engagement of the visitors and uses the combination of the two to assign each website a rank. This rank determines how well the website has performed over the course of the three months when compared with others. The lower the Alexa Rank of a website, the better the performance of the website with number one being the highest (and the best rank) for a website to have. Currently, Google holds Alexa Rank number one.

The traffic generated by the website and the engagement of the visitors is estimated on the basis of browsing data which Alexa collects from a sample of people from all over the world which represent all Internet users. The traffic on any particular website is calculated through the mean number of daily new visitors that the site entertains along with the total number of views that the website received over the course of three months. This traffic on a specific website, however, is not analyzed solely and is not the only factor which affects the Alexa Rank. The traffic on other websites is also taken into account to estimate the proportion of it that any particular website receives in order to judge its relative popularity.

A large number of browser extensions and plug-ins are used to collect the data that goes into determining Alexa Ranks. Along with this, Alexa also makes use of data obtained from third-party organizations to further enhance its estimations. This way, Alexa collects and analyses data from millions of users around the world to generate Alexa Ranks. Alexa updates its Traffic Ranks for the websites daily and only generates these for main domains. This means that subdomain or pages within a certain website are not ranked individually although different blogs on website hosting platforms are ranked separately.

Checking a website?s Alexa Rank is free and easy. The easiest way of checking a website?s Alexa Rank is to install Alexa Toolbar from the official Alexa website. This Toolbar showcases an icon which can then be pressed to show not only the global Alexa Rank of the website being visited, but also its ranking within USA. Installing this toolbar does not affect the rank of any website being visited, a myth which was largely cited as evidence against the accuracy of the rankings.

Another way to check Alexa Rank of any website does not involve installing a software. It can be easily found by using Alexa Website Analysis tool available on its website. One just needs to enter the URL of the desired website to access the ?Website Traffic Analysis? reports which includes a bunch of metrics along with Alexa Rank detailing the global standing of a website.

For a website to receive an Alexa Rank, it is important for the website to have enough traffic for Alexa to process. Alexa Ranks are not available for remote, less widely known websites which experience low traffic and the lower ranking websites suffer from inaccurate rankings as scarcity of data prevents a valid rank from being granted. However, it is realistically possible for a website to climb up the ranks and improve its standings.  This can be done by making the content on the website and the services it provides stand out from other websites and by exploiting search engine optimization tools. Employing better marketing methods and engaging in vigorous market and audience research can also significantly increase the daily traffic and boost visitor engagement, leading to a lower Alexa Rank and a better standing in the cyberspace.